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About VaVa

"Touch the moment"

Throughout the course of our lives, we meet a lot of different people and experience many important moments. We should always make our sweet and happy moments more memorable. Give your loved ones a VaVa Cake, and let them know: every “ordinary” moment when I am with you should be remembered. 


VaVa Designer Cakes --- A brand in Toronto focusing on designer and high-end custom cakes and desserts. To us, a cake is not merely a dessert, it signifies our deepest love to the person we are giving it to. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or any other kind of celebration, VaVa Designer Cakes should be present. Craft significant moments for every important person in our lives, and imprint that eternal moment onto our memory. 


Cherry Wu

"VaVa Cake Designer"

I was born in Japan, raised in China, and now settled in Toronto. My fate with desserts started with trying to bake the perfect cakes that fit my mum’s appetite. She loves chiffon cakes that are light and fluffy with a touch of sweetness. Later, I found out that desserts have the magical power to alleviate the stress in life, and it’s the key to happiness. Packed with my love and enthusiasm for desserts, I went onto a journey to discover the key. My journey took me from France, Japan to Hongkong, Shanghai, and the United States, and along the way, I learnt the latest design principles and gained some of the finest baking techniques. My skills allowed me to create beautiful cakes and helped me to attain some modest accomplishments along the way. From countless times of crafting, I realised that a cake is not only a symbol of ceremony, but the manifestation of love and happiness shared among people. It should have the magic to spread love and happiness, which is what intrigued me to learn baking desserts and cakes in the first place. As a result, every piece of VaVa cake’s design is inspired by our daily life. It is my sincere hope that our VaVa Designer Cakes can not only make important moments more memorable, but also helping people to spread their messages of love and happiness. 


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